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Our Memorial Garden

The memorial garden provides a special connection for all who have been part of our church. It was designed by Michael Dobson, architect, a long standing member of our church. Memorial Stones are available for dedications. Please contact our treasurer for fees and the process.

Garden Diagram
Michael Dobson wrote the following description of his design of the Garden:
"The Garden is a cosmic diagram. It has all five types of symmetry- four spatial and one temporal. The four types of spatial symmetry are bilateral-that's the north/south axis, rotational symmetry in the Celtic cross, and helical symmetry in the birch grove-a beam upward representing the Holy Ghost. The blue beech expresses spiral symmetry;-it represents the Godhead, the Father, and the Jacob's ladder. The bilateral symmetry in cruciform is embodied by the garden as a whole, representing the Son of Man."
"The east/west axis represents the line of time. At first glance this would appear to be linear time proceeding from morning to night, birth to death, but the super position of the circular form of the Celtic cross reminds us of the cyclical nature of time. Each night is followed by dawn--each winter is followed by spring."  Garden East-West Axis
 North-South Axis "The north/south axis represents the line of Eternity. Each moment in time is a potential crossroad for every being, depending on its destiny to experience Samadhi, or the ecstatic entrance into the eternal now."
"Epiphany is the central concept of this garden. When standing in the center of this garden, one is oriented to the cosmos. The points of the compass place you in a moment within the motion of the spheres."  Garden Center
 Garden Main Structure  "The main structure of the garden was completed on December 8th, 1997, during a week of planetary conjunctions which occurs only once a century. In addition, the date of the erection of the Standing Stone, which represents Terminus, or Finality, corresponded to the appearance of Saturn within the Grand Conjunction of the six visible planets. Saturn traditionally has evoked the Golden Age, and the concept of Limitation but also of Return."
"The hope of Resurrection and Paradise is implicit in the western gate. We stand in the now, with faith in the past, hope for the future, and the love of God with us in everything we do.

"This is the spirit that went into the garden."
 Garden Spirit


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