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Dingletown Community Church Childrens Program

During the school year, Sunday school is available for all ages. Children’s classes meet on Sunday morning during the worship hour at 11 AM. Toward the beginning of our regular Sunday service, Tom engages the children in a lesson. The adults in the congregation usually learn as much from these "children's sermons" as do the children. The children then go to the community room with their Sunday School teacher. Our teachers are volunteers from the congregation. Teachers try to bring alive traditional bible stories through interactive projects and crafts with the children. The children in our one room Sunday School range in age, and often the older ones enjoy helping the younger, and the younger appreciate the involvement of the older. The atmosphere is informal, friendly, and warm.

The children also help with annual events at Church, such as cookouts and Christmas decorating and wrapping projects. On Sundays the children are asked to bring a small contribution for a poor family in Mississippi , and a young boy in Honduras, who have been "adopted" by the Church. Both projects involve the children in outreach and encourage them to be concerned with others' needs.

Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School


Services With Rev. Tom Leutner

Sundays 10:30

Dingletown Community Church
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